My Story

Organizing our family photos and capturing the stories that go with them has become increasingly more important and meaningful to me over the past many years.


You see, my dad had Alzheimer’s. This disease affected more than just my dad, it affected our whole family. In the last stages of the disease, dad didn't speak at all except the odd word and didn't know me anymore.  Sadly, I lost my dad in March of 2015 and I miss him everyday.  


It’s nice to look back on photos from a time when he did talk to me and I'm really sad I didn't take enough time to really get to know his story better. 


It is too late to get his story from him directly, but I'm not to late to help you with your family story. 

Photo Savvy offers our clients a platinum service that helps you manage a life time of photos by organizing, curating, scanning and backing up your photos and slides.